Add Group

Build Steps:

  1. Add a Study
  2. Add Forms
  3. Deploy a Study
  4. Add Events
  5. Add Groups (optional step)
  6. Add Rules (optional step)
  7. Add Sites
  8. Add Users

To add a group:

  1. Click Groups in the left menu
  2. Click the + icon in the Groups page.
  3. Complete the following. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
Field Description
Name * The name of the subject group class.
Type * Select the group type from the dropdown list:

  • Arm
  • Family/Pedigree
  • Demographic
  • Dynamic Group – Allows you to assign a different set of visits to a subject, for example if a protocol compares the effects of multiple treatment types, such as: surgery, chemotherapy and radio therapy within the same study.  In such studies, subjects are typically randomized into one of these Dynamic Groups to undergo the visits associated with their treatment type.
  • Other
If you selected Arm, Family/Pedigree, Demographic or Other, complete the following:
Subject Assignment * Specify whether the subject assignment is Required or Optional.
Study GroupsName/Description Enter the names and descriptions of the desired study groups.
If you selected Dynamic Group, complete the following:
Default Check the box if this dynamic group should be the default. The default dynamic group can be used to automatically assign to the subject when it is created.
Study Events * Check the events to assign to the dynamic group.Notes:

  • You cannot assign the same visit to multiple dynamic groups.
  • You can re-order the visits within a treatment group by clicking the up/down triangles.
  1. Click Continue.
  2. Review the Subject Group Class to be defined.
  3. If you’re satisfied, click Submit.


  1. Events associated with Dynamic Groups are shown on the left side of the Subject Matrix, starting with the group marked as the Default.
  2. You can reorder the events within a Dynamic Group by clicking the up/down triangles.