Building and Managing Studies

This section walks you step-by-step to build and manage your studies, but first let’s examine the Captivate study operational model.

Captivate Study Operational Model

  1. Once added, a New Study starts in the Not Deployed state.
  2. A study in the Not Deployed state can be either deleted or deployed.
  3. A Deleted study is no longer accessible
  4. A study in the Deployed state can be:
  • Frozen
  • Archived
  • Locked
  • Decommissioned to be returned to the Not Deployed state
  1. A study in the Frozen state can be:
  • Locked
  • Archived
  • Thawed to be returned to the Deployed state
  1. A study in the Locked state can be:
  • Unlocked to be returned to its original state, either Deployed or Frozen.
  • Archived
  1. A Study in the Archived state  can be:
  • Restored to be  returned to its original state: Deployed, Locked or Frozen.
  • Decommissioned to be returned to the Not deploy state


  • A study can be Shared and Cloned in any operational state.
  • A study is Decommissioned only upon request.
  • When a study is Decommissioned, its forms are returned to the draft state.