User Roles

User Roles in Captivate are based on the roles typically found in clinical trials or and other forms of clinical research.

The following user roles exist in Captivate:

  • System Administrator
  • Study Administrator
  • Study Monitor
  • Study Coder
  • Study Evaluator
  • Study Sponsor
  • Site Monitor
  • Investigator
  • Clinical Research Coordinator

The User Role determines the features a user can access within a particular study or site.

The User Roles available at the study level are different from those available at the site level. This is because the features accessible at the study level are different from those accessible at the site level. A user can be simultaneously assigned to multiple studies and sites with different roles, within the limitations listed below:

  • A study level user cannot also have a site level role, within the same study. For example, a Study Administrator cannot have an Investigator role within the same study.
  • A site level user can only perform tasks for the site(s) he or she is assigned to.
  • A site level user cannot have a study level role, within the same study. For example, a site CRC cannot have a Study Monitor role in the same study.

This table maps the user roles, the user level and the user type.

User Role Level User Type
System Administrator System level Administrator
Study Administrator Study level Administrator
Study Monitor Study level User
Study Coder Study level User
Study Evaluator Study level User
Study Sponsor Study level User
Site Monitor Site level User
Clinical Research Coordinator Site level User
Investigator Site level User



“root” is the only user with the System Administrator user role. root can create, modify, and remove a user of any user type. root can also create studies and change any system properties. This role is exclusively reserved for ClinCapture’s IT/Support department.