Add User

Build Steps:

  1. Add Study
  2. Add Forms
  3. Deploy Study
  4. Publish Forms
  5. Add Events
  6. Add Groups
  7. Add Rules
  8. Add Sites
  9. Add Users

To add a user:

  1. Click Users in the Left Menu
  2. Click the + icon in the Users page.
  3. A similar page opens.
  4. Complete the following or click the View icon next to the email field to search the LDAP directory. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
    Field Description
    Email*      Enter the user’s email address.
    Company Name* Enter the user’s  company name or institutional affiliation.
    First Name* Enter the user’s  first name.
    Last Name* Enter the user’s  last name.
    Company Name* Enter the user’s  company name or institutional affiliation.
    Phone Enter the user’s  phone number.  Special characters: +, (, ), -, and spaces are allowed
    Time Zone Select the user’s  local time zone.
    Assigned Study/Site* Select the study or site  to be assigned to the user.
    User Role* Select the user role for assigned study or site.

    • Study roles:
      • Study Sponsor
      • Study Administrator
      • Study Monitor
      • Study Coder
      • Study Evaluator
    • Site roles:
      • Site Monitor
      • Investigator
      • Clinical Research Coordinator
    User Type* Select the user type:

    • Administrator – User is allowed access to the Administration module
    • User – User is not allowed access to the Administration module.
    Authorize SOAP Access*  Check the box if the user will programmatically interface with Captivate using SOAP services
  5. Click Submit.


  • The user will receive an email containing the link to the study and his credentials.

Repeat this process until all the study/site users have been added.